Sculptural forms

Most of the sculptural works are generated through my basketry practice. Working with materials through basketry, I learn about materials and fibres and their potential for sculpture. The sculptural works include found materials as well as the practice of string making and coiling. Many of these works are small, but very detailed.

Arabesque Installation

arabesque, n
1.    a complex and elaborate design of intertwined flowers, foliage, etc

This body of work has its genesis in the exhibition Ornamentation and Abstraction I visited in 2001 at Fondation Beyeler in Basel. This exhibition of the art from East and West surveyed the importance of ornament in the emergence and development of abstract art: from the influence of the arabesque on Symbolism and Art Nouveau to the preoccupation with ornamentation of artists such as Matisse, Albers and even Pollock.
My interest in the flourishes, twirls and twining of the arabesque developed as I studied the flora of the Shoalhaven area. My research into local flora led me to rekindle my interest in fibre and textile art forms.

The exhibition Arabesque was held at Shoalhaven Regional Gallery Berry Street, Nowra, from 13 October-3 November 2018. 

The gallery below shows the major installation of over 50 pieces and details.

Sculpture Gallery

Sculpture Gallery

Podforms 2,3,4
small form
podform #1
Quiver #2
Quiver #2 detail
Orb #2
Wombat Vine and String Wall Piece
Vessel- wire and waxed linen thread
Five Crowns
Quiver #1
Wall piece
Arabesque series
Paired Forms
Two Hands
Flame Pods

The Fisher Baskets

This work was inspired by finding a beautiful old fishing basket, now part of my collection. Inside the basket were old wooden reels, and old wooden and cork floats. The work was a finalist in Shoalhaven NOW 2017. 

preece_mary_The Fisher Baskets_50x40x4cm